Holds and Deposits

No Event booking will be guaranteed or reserved without the agreed upon Refundable Deposit payment made payable to The Hangout.  The Venue Rental Fee must be paid in full 60 days prior to the Event (or immediately, if the Event is less than 60 days from booking the Venue).  Under no circumstance will access be granted to the Guest to the Venue without The Hangout’s receipt of 1) the Refundable Deposit, 2) full Venue Rental Fee, and 3) signed acknowledgment of the Event Rental Agreement. 

The Refundable Deposit is collected for two purposes:

  1. To allow for thorough cleaning in the event the Venue is not left as it was found, and
  2. To offset any property damage, theft, or damage to the Venue premise that may occur during the Event. 

The Guest is encouraged to walk the property with The Hangout staff or inspect the Venue and take photos of any existing property damage prior to the start of their Event that they wish to ensure is not attributable to their Event. The Hangout has the exclusive right to determine how much of the Deposit shall be returned to the Guest.  Any Deposit that will be returned, will be returned within thirty (30) calendar days of the Guest’s Event, so as to provide The Hangout staff time to inspect the premises and accompanying property and obtain any bids for repairs or replacement for damages.

It is the Guest’s sole responsibility to ensure the Venue is in substantially the same or similar condition as it was prior to the start of the Event.  Any trash accumulated during the course of the Event may be left in tied or knotted 20-55 gallon bags on the northeast corner of the building (between the garage door and the parking lot) and will be hauled off by Hangout staff during or after the Event.  Anything discarded in the Venue or on the premise that does not meet the above specifications, will be cleaned by a third party hired by The Hangout at Guest’s expense and deducted from the Refundable Deposit.  Professional cleaning fees for the Venue typically range from $200 – $500.  This expense can be avoided if you and your guests clean the Venue at the end of your Event.

Cancellation Policy  

Full refund provided if cancelled within 45 days of the Event date.

50% Refundable Deposit returned if cancelled 0-44 days of the Event date*.


There are no exceptions to our Cancellation Policy. When you book your Event and subsequently cancel, The Hangout runs the risk of losing the opportunity to book the Venue during the window of your Event.  To recoup and offset that loss, we must retain a portion of the Refundable Deposit.  If we are able to book a new event during the same time period of your cancelled Event, at the sole discretion of The Hangout, we may contact you to offer a full refund.

*E.g., if the agreed Refundable Deposit noted on the Event Rental Agreement is $500, then $250 will be returned if you are eligible for a 50% refund.  If full payment has already been made at the time of cancellation, then $250 will be returned PLUS the Venue Rental Fee.  

Terms of Event Rental

You will be furnished with an Event Rental Agreement for review and signature at the time of booking. You will have ample time to review the terms of your Event Rental and are encouraged to ask questions or consult with counsel prior to signing, should you feel the need to do so. You will be solely responsible for proper licensure for food sales, preparation, or consumption and liquor sales or consumption. THE LIABILITY OF ANY FAILURE TO OBTAIN PROPER LICENSURE, OR ANY NEGLIGENT BEHAVIOR, RECKLESS ACTIONS, MISCONDUCT OR ILLEGAL ACTIVITY ON THE VENUE PREMISE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND YOURS ALONE. As the Guest you are also the Responsible Party for all activities that take place during and surrounding your Event.  You expressly indemnify The Hangout and its owners and staff from any and all claims pursuant to the indemnification and waiver outlined in the Event Rental Agreement, which you are obligated to review and sign prior to your Event.  The full scope of Terms are outlined in the Event Rental Agreement. If anything is discrepant or missing from these Terms online, the terms outlined in the Event Rental Agreement shall govern.